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Our Way of Thinking


Orthodontics has changed dramatically in the past few years. It is truly an exciting time for Orthodontics.

Today, new advances in wire technology and our understanding of facial growth makes it possible to create incredible smiles in a relatively short time. For example, the invention of these new wires by NASA has revolutionized orthodontic tooth movement. Originally designed for antennas on solar panels, these new wires make tightening braces a thing of the past and they minimize discomfort. These new wires self tighten and changes in the mouth temperature, thus reducing the number of office visits and wire changes required.

In addition, using modern orthodontic techniques, we can now strive for excellence in not only great looking smiles, but also towards a balance facial profile. This means we can now correct a protruding or recessed chin, and a gummy smile with orthodontic treatment. This is done by correctly diagnosing and treating at optimal time. The traditional thinking in orthodontics was to wait until all the baby teeth had been lost before starting any orthodontic treatment, by which time, most of the growth is complete. This regiment leaves no choice but to extract teeth in more than 50% of the children. Today however, in many situations, tooth extraction can be prevented, if it results in a better looking smile, by correctly choosing the time of treatment. Similarly, facial profile can be greatly improved by starting treatment prior to the growth spurts.

In our way of thinking, creating beautiful smiles with orthodontics is a serious specialty. However, as a team, we praise ourselves for working in a light hearted environment.

My team and I truly enjoy what we do. We believe orthodontics is unique because the treatment is rendered at such a tender age. Thus, the experience is one that most patients will remember the rest of their lives. We make it a point for our family of patients to make this experience a FUN one.